Property Management

Why Choose Our Expert Property Managers

There are many benefits to purchasing an investment property but some investors are scared off by the management process. At Jones Ballard, we strive to make the investment process simple with our expert property management. Maintaining regular communication with tenants and landlords, we make owning and profiting off a rental property the enjoyable process it should be. To learn more, explore our information for landlords and tenants, or explore our range of benefits below.

Our Money Back Service Guarantee*

At Jones Ballard, we pride ourselves on providing a premium service at a competitive price. Our fees might not be the lowest in the area but our service is the best and it comes with a range of benefits.

Enjoy a 100% money back service guarantee* when you choose us for your management. This offer is valid for the first three months of management and excludes ancillary expenses such as leasing, property condition reports and inspections.

We also offer other monetary benefits including:

  • A $200 voucher for referring family and friends
  • Highly competitive rates for single and multiple property owners

First Class Tenant Management and More

Our team’s ability to maintain strong, positive relationships with landlords and tenants is the key to our premium service and your investment success. We pride ourselves on:

  • Regular rental reviews that ensure maximised returns
  • A record of 98.5% of tenants paying on time

Less Vacancies Means More Profits

We have access to two specialised leasing consultant who will minimise vacancy rates for your property. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of your investment without any of the stress.

If you’re for a property manager in Perth who wants to experience better management, call Jones Ballard on 08 9474 1533 or complete our online enquiry form.  Our offices are conveniently located in Como and Bull Creek.